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Rice Bran Oil, Hemp Extract, Stevia Extract, Terpenes

Badges: Palm Oil Free | Eco-Friendly | Heart Healthy

CBD Dominant, Isolate based Cannabinoid Hemp Extract, Finished Products THC Free

Flavor: Cannaloupe Haze
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1oz (30ml) Bottle with Dropper

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Are you ready for THC-free CBD oil tinctures that live up to their name?

With the right combination of terpenes, extracted from a variety of plants and fruits, we’ve taken CBD oil to the next level.

This is also a PALM OIL FREE Tincture making it more environment and eco-friendly.  This helps with maintaining rain forests and keeping things more sustainable.  We are also eliminating the box we used to have for tinctures in order to help reduce the carbon footprint of our products.


Most CBD products contain a trace amount of THC. Legally, they can’t have more than 0.3%, which is very little but still causes concerns for many people.

We created these THC-free CBD drops to help put your mind at ease while still delivering the amazing benefits you’re looking for.

FOCUS  features its own unique blend of terpenes. It’s no secret that terpenes pack powerful flavors and aromas, so we created this with both efficacy and flavor profile in mind. After all, Made By Hemp products are known for their delicious flavors made with all-natural ingredients.


Maybe you want the benefits of THC-free CBD oil, but you want your brain to be stimulated so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

We’re happy to say, there’s now an option for you that won’t put you right to sleep.

By combining terpenes that are known to stimulate the mind and body, you’re able to get the benefits of CBD with the additional perk of feeling more energized.

Here’s the terpene profile:

  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • & more stimulating terpenes

This terpene blend creates a refreshingly sweet and pleasantly natural flavor we call “Sweet Melon & Wildflowers.”

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2000mg/1oz, 1000mg/1oz, 500mg/1oz

6 reviews for THC-Free CBD Oil – FOCUS

  1. Steevi E.

    Just what I needed
    Can’t do without the stuff. Really takes the pain out of this old body of mine

  2. Adam R.

    One of the good ones
    This is the first review I have ever done, never felt compelled to. But I have tried quite a few CBD products from many different companies and full-spectrum CBD from Made By Hemp is head and shoulders above the rest. I have had multiple surgeries, broken bones, concussions and more from years of MMA and Football. Because of that I sleep very littRead more about review stating One of the good onesle and never more than a couple hours at a time. Taking 2-3 droppers of CBD oil from Made By Hemp before bed and it’s the first time in over 15 years I have slept 6+ hours straight. As a single father who works construction that sleep is vital, I cannot thank made by hemp enough.

  3. Becky B.

    Relaxed and Focused
    My second bottle – does just as it says – I feel calm and yet not tired – focused on the tasks at hand – great product.

  4. Tangie W.

    Not My Final Review
    I Haven’t noticed a change yet. Not sure when I will notice a difference.

  5. Benjamin R.

    Postage is slow.
    Can’t review it because I still haven’t received it

  6. Jeness May

    My job is not very creative and can oftentimes be very repetitive. I had to pivot to focus on a new project with a tight deadline and found myself stuck in old habits of allowing myself to become easily distracted. I have taken many herbs and supplements before to conquer this challenge only to see no improvement. I had a meeting with my manager on the progress of my project and had six hours to get the first proposal sent. I took a dose of Breele CBD Focus, turned on some music, and BAMMMMM…..I don’t think I even looked away from the monitor once. In addition to helping me focus, it gave me a burst of energy and I felt lighter and unburdened. I enjoyed the way it had a subtle but impactful effect and have every intention of making this my Monday thru Friday pick me up, project pal! Highly recommend it!

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$34.99$99.99 or from $31.49$89.99 / month